TCL Group Establishes 3 Billion Industry Fund to Accelerate Construction of Industrial Ecology

TCL Group Establishes 3 Billion Industry Fund to Accelerate Construction of Industrial Ecology

Source:, on the evening of November 18th, TCL Group (000100) announced that in order to coordinate and use multi-party resources to achieve the optimal allocation of various elements, the company plans to jointly establish an equity investment fund with its merger partners-Guangdong Rongchuang LingyueIntelligent Manufacturing and Information Technology Industry Equity Investment Fund Partnership (Limited Partnership) (hereinafter referred to as “Guangdong Rongchuang Lingyue” or “Fund”).

  The fund’s target scale is 3 billion, and the initial target fundraising scale is 20.

300 million, TCL Group subscribed for capital contribution7.

500 million yuan, accounting for 36.

95%, the largest funder of this fund.

At the same time, the fund was set up by Zhongxin Sunac, a subsidiary of TCL Group, and served as the manager.

According to TCL Group’s third quarterly report, Sino Suncor is a part of the industrial finance and investment business of one of its main businesses after the reorganization. It is a leading professional investment institution in the equity and M & A of listed companies, and has gradually invested in more than 110 listed companies.Provide professional support for TCL Group’s domestic mergers and acquisitions and business development.

  With 杭州桑拿网 the blessing of a professional investment platform, TCL also collaborated with multiple resources to participate in this investment.

Other fund investors include the Guangdong Financial Fund, a policy financial institution set up by the Guangdong Provincial Government, and industrial investors represented by well-off industries and Quanyin Technology, which can be described as a combination of government, industry and finance.

According to the announcement, the fund will focus on investing in smart manufacturing and information technology industries and companies with development potential in two-way service upgrade applications.

This is conducive to TCL using capital to accelerate the implementation of the company’s extensional development strategy, give play to the company’s combination of industry and finance to find 武汉夜生活网 high-growth strategic emerging industry investment projects; at the same time, gradually increase the company’s capital through special investment operations and market-oriented managementOperational capability and efficiency make a positive contribution to the company’s overall profit growth.

  At the media exchange meeting of this year’s Interim Report, TCL leader Li Dongsheng mentioned in the media’s renamed idea that the restructured TCL Group will be positioned in the high-end technology industry and made it clear that the existing semiconductor display and materials businessContinue to consolidate the leading edge of efficiency and efficiency, and follow the development trend of the industry, grasp the potential of industry integration and technological upgrade, and achieve industrial chain extension and horizontal expansion through mergers and reorganizations.

  While maintaining the advantages of semiconductor display core business, TCL also improved the industrial chain ecological construction and cutting-edge technology layout through incubation and investment in the field of industrial finance and investment.

Comprehensive TCL Group’s 2019 third quarterly report and 2018 annual report related data found that the termination of the third quarter of 2019, the size of the fund managed by TCL Venture Capital was 93.

6.5 billion yuan, with a total of 116 investment projects, including many early-stage investments before the listing of star companies such as Ningde Times and Jiejia Weichuang.

These investments have given play to the company’s advantages of combining production and finance, and also brought better investment returns to the Group through professional management and market-oriented operations.

  At the same time, in investing in non-core main business areas, the Group carefully evaluates promising financial investment opportunities and holds a number of direct investment projects of listed companies, including 712 (603712).

SH) 19.

07% stake in Bank of Shanghai (601229.

SH) 5.

14% equity, and Fantasia Holdings (01777.

Hong Kong) 20.

08% equity.

The combination of TCL industry investment + strategic emerging investment + financial investment not only guarantees the company to maintain the industry’s sense of forefront at all times, but also provides a stable income contribution for listed companies.

  TCL has gained a lot only in its core business represented by semiconductor display. It has also achieved the effects of promoting production with industry, promoting production with industry, integrating production and finance, and synergistic progress in the field of industrial finance and investment. I believe TCL can play its industryThe advantages of investment resources, cultivate new growth momentum, and build a world-leading high-end technology industry group.