Red jujube is a good product for raising liver

Red jujube is a good product for raising liver

Patients with liver disease should pay attention to diet, regular living, and avoid overwork.

During this period, you should go to bed early and get up early, practice Tai Chi in the morning or take a walk to keep your health.

After that, the spring cold is steep, and patients with hepatitis B should still pay attention to keep warm and cold, so as to avoid the invasion of liver disease and cause liver disease to recur.

  According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the reason why hepatitis B patients develop in the spring is not well done in winter, and there is no basis for laying a good foundation for spring. The so-called “winter does not hide essence, spring must be warm.”

Therefore, it is very important to nurse according to the changes of yin and yang.

In the treatment of hepatitis B, spring is also a better period of treatment. If this treatment is effective or effective, it will lay a solid foundation for the stable control and slowing of the disease.

In the Chinese medicine book “Su Wen?

In the case of Dirty Law, the seasonal law of liver disease is as follows: “The disease is in the liver, the more in summer, the summer is not healed, even in autumn; the autumn is not dead, in winter, from spring, and the wind is forbidden.

“Spring is coming, people with strong livers are very easy to get angry, no name, nervous, and things are impatient.”

Why is this?

It turns out that after the recovery of all things, the activities of human liver function are gradually active, and the excessive heat of the liver and the “wind heat” brought about by climate change, the evil of “wind cold” can easily lead to the recurrence of old diseases.

“In fact, the spring and autumn are the most prone to recurrence of hepatitis B. Chronic hepatitis B patients should be supplemented with five organs to protect the liver.

“Traditional Chinese medicine experts from the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University reminded Chinese medicine experts that it is necessary for hepatitis B virus carriers to perform liver function tests in the spring because most patients are asymptomatic.

  Red jujube is a traditional Chinese medicine expert who said that Yangchun March is a good opportunity for the body to nourish the body and the five organs, and follow the principle of health care of the four seasons of Chinese medicine. The spring supplement should be based on liver.

  He recommended that red dates are the first to promote home liver products.

Jujube is warm and sweet, has the effect of replenishing the spleen and replenishing qi, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves, nourishing the body fluid, relieving the drug, and alleviating the medicinal properties.

Studies have shown that red dates contain a specific class of compounds that just inhibit the activity of hepatitis virus.

In addition, red dates also protect the liver and enhance immunity.

In addition, some patients with chronic liver disease have relatively low protein in their bodies, while red dates replace amino acids, which are beneficial to protein synthesis, prevent low protein symptoms, and achieve the purpose of spleen and liver.

Therefore, for patients with chronic liver disease, you can eat natural red dates to protect the liver on weekdays.

  According to reports, there are many ways to eat red dates, steamed, stewed, braised and boiled.

Experts especially reminded that although the red dates are good, but eating too much will expand the gas, so we should pay attention to control the amount of food.

People who are wet and hot and have yellow tongue coating should not eat it.

  In addition, the glutinous taste of Gan Ping, also has the role of nourishing liver and essence.

Contains essential sugars, proteins, vitamins and phosphorus, iron and other nutrients.

Pharmacological studies have confirmed that it can protect the newborn of liver cells, improve liver function, and have certain effects on the treatment of chronic hepatitis.

The method of making porridge is very simple. Take 30 grams of glutinous rice and 150 grams of the previous rice.