Mang species, June 6th, the sun yellow is 75 degrees.

The Lunar Calendar records: “The bucket finger is a species of mang, and at this time, the valley of Mang may be planted.

That is to say, the Mongolian species is the most suitable cereal crop for sowing, such as late valley, glutinous rice, alfalfa and so on.

Mang species is also the demarcation point for planting crops. Due to the hot weather, it has entered a typical summer season. Farming crops are bounded by this season. After this festival, the survival rate of crops is getting lower and lower.

It is this truth that the farmer’s “mangly species is busy”.

  Due to the vast territory there, the climate characteristics of the same solar terms are also different.

In the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in central China, the rainfall increased and the temperature rose. It entered the rainy and rainy season, the air was very vertical, the weather was extremely hot and humid, and various kinds of clothing were extremely moldy. Therefore, this weather was carried out in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River.It is called “Huangmeitian”.

In addition, the Dragon Boat Festival on the top of the Mang’s seed day, the folks have a “not eaten Dragon Boat Festival, broken can not be sent” statement.

This statement tells people that the Dragon Boat Festival has not passed, the cold clothes should not be taken off, in order to say cold.

In the minority provinces of Jiangxi Province, there are proverbs: “Meng’s species are summer solstice, and people are required to walk; the people who are pulling are pulling, and the people who are pulling are pushing.

“In a few words, it reflects the common problems of people in the summer – lazy.”

The reason is that the summer temperature rises, the humidity in the air increases, and the sweat in the body cannot be diffused smoothly, that is, the hot steam is wet, the moist heat is filled with air, the body is, and the breath is not affected by the hot and humid air.

Therefore, the summer will win more wet and sensation, making people feel tired and weak.

Therefore, in the Mongolian species, not only should we manage the field management during the rainy season, but also pay attention to enhance physical fitness and avoid the occurrence of diseases and infectious diseases such as heat stroke, mumps and chickenpox.

  The focus of the health of the mango species should be based on the climatic characteristics of the season. In the mental health, the spirit should be kept relaxed, happy, and angry and melancholy, so that the air can be declared unimpeded and vented freely.

  In terms of living, you should go to bed early and get up early, properly receive sunlight (avoid direct sunlight, pay attention to heatstroke prevention), in order to comply with the yang yang, which is conducive to the operation of blood and uplifting spirit.

Summer is long and short, and noon at noon can help restore fatigue and help health.

After the cultivation of the mang, the weather is hot in the afternoon, people are easy to sweat out, and the clothes should be washed frequently.

In order to avoid heat stroke, it is necessary to take a bath after the species, so that the skin can be loose, and the “yang fever” is easy to vent.

However, it is important to note that when you sweat, don’t take a shower immediately. There is an old saying in China, “When you sweat, you can’t see wet.” If you sweat, you will see sore.

Here, I will introduce a few medicated bath methods to my friends. The so-called medicated bath is a soup solution or infusion solution that is added to the bath water, or directly used to decoction the soup, steam bathing method or fumigation of the whole body or diseased parts.To achieve the purpose of fitness and disease prevention.

  The use of medicated baths has been in the past for a long time.

According to the report, since the beginning of the Zhou Dynasty, it was cleaned with a fragrant soup bath. During the Song and Ming Dynasties, this kind of fragrant soup bathed the folk, and there was a “perfume line” dedicated to people washing the aromatic bath, which gradually formed a custom.

People choose different days to replace different medicated baths to prevent disease.

Such as the Spring Festival, bathed with spiced soup, after the bath is amazing and fragrant, the spirit is uplifting; on February 2nd of the lunar calendar, the ancients called the “Zhonghe Festival”, the folks became the “Dragons look up” this day, take moreThe soup is decoction, which can make the skin shiny, not old or sick. In summer, five kinds of soup baths are used to dispel the wind, drive the poison, and nourish the blood.

In the Qing Dynasty, medicated baths were not only used as a method of fitness and longevity, but also widely used in the treatment and rehabilitation of diseases.

  In the process of medicated bath, in addition to the physical and chemical effects of water itself (mainly warming effect), it is mainly the effect of drugs on the human body.

The active ingredient of the aqueous solution of the drug enters the body through the body surface and the respiratory mucosa. According to the prescription of different drugs, it can pass the Shutong meridian, activating blood circulation, dispelling cold, clearing away heat and detoxifying, relieving dampness and relieving itching.

  There are various methods for medicated baths, such as dip baths, smoke baths, and hot baths.

  The specific method of bathing, taking Wuzhi soup (guizhi, lychee, peach branch, switch, and shoot) as an example: first pack the same amount of medicine with gauze, add ten times the water of the medicine, soak for 20 minutes, thenAfter boiling for 30 minutes, the liquid can be bathed in the bath water.

Conditional can be taken once a day, this medicated bath method is suitable for whole body bathing and also for local foaming.

  Female middle-aged and old friends can choose beauty and skin care: mung bean, lily, borneol 10 grams each, talc, white aconite, white peony, white sandalwood, rosin each 30 grams of grinding coarse, gauze bag decoction bath, can make the face, skin whiteExquisite, body fragrance exorcism.

  In terms of diet and nutrition, the health caregivers of the past generations believed that the diet in summer and March should be replenished.

“Lu’s Spring and Autumn”

“There are a few articles” that: “Every food has no strong taste, no strong taste.”

“The Sun Chao of the Tang Dynasty advocated that people should always be light and sweet, and big wheat songs, which have always been good for rice.” He said: “Good health care often requires less meat and more food,” said Zhu Danxi, a medical doctor of the Yuan Dynasty.In the early stage of Ru: “Let’s eat less meat, eat more fruits, and naturally taste and taste.”

From a nutritional point of view, light diet has an irreplaceable role in health, such as vegetables, beans can provide the body with the necessary sugar, protein, traces and minerals and a large number of vitamins, vitamins and human metabolismIt is indispensable and can prevent diseases and prevent aging.

Vitamin C in fruits and vegetables is also an important substance in redox in the body. It promotes the absorption of oxygen by cells and is a non-metabolizable component in the formation of cells and some hormones.
In addition, vitamin C can inhibit metabolism, promote the formation of antibodies, and improve the body’s disease resistance.
For older friends, eating more fruits and vegetables, the vitamin C ingested from it has a certain repairing effect on blood vessels, and can also transfer the plasma deposited in the blood vessel wall to insulin to become bile acid, which prevents and treats arteriosclerosis.It also has a certain effect.

The cellulose in vegetables is essential for keeping the body smooth, reducing the absorption of toxins and preventing premature aging, and preventing the occurrence of rectal cancer caused by constipation.

  In addition, while the expert diet is refreshing, we warn people not to eat too salty and too sweet.

The diet is too salty, the body has excess sodium ions, the older ones, the small amount of activity, the increase in hypertension, and even the brain vascular dysfunction.

Eating too much sweet food is also unfavorable to human health. With the increase of age, the metabolic capacity of internal complications is gradually reduced, which should cause the accumulation of intermediate products such as sugar sugar, and sugar sugar can lead to hyperlipidemia and hypercholesterolemia.In severe cases, it can also induce diabetes.

It can be seen that diet is an extremely important means of health and disease prevention.

Therefore, in the summer, the body’s metabolism is strong, sweat is easy to leak, when gas consumption is hurt, it is advisable to eat a diet that has the benefits of heat and thirst.

The elderly due to the decline of the body function, the secretion of hot digestive juice is reduced, the cardio-cerebral blood vessels are hardened to different degrees, the diet should be clear and supplemented, supplemented by clearing heat and relieving heat and protecting the spleen and having antihypertensive and lipid-lowering foods.

During the menstrual period or postpartum period, although the weather is getting hotter, it is also not necessary to eat cold and cool products to prevent other diseases.