Crack diet to lose weight 10 fallacy

Crack diet to lose weight 10 fallacy

Everyone who wants to lose weight or lose weight will have their own set of theory and weight loss methods. If you find that using all kinds of methods to lose weight is still not effective, have you ever thought about using the wrong method?After the following fallacy, you may find yourself doing all sorts of stupid things on the way to losing weight, and discovering and losing weight naturally.

  When cracking 1 weight loss, starchy meat and meat can not be seen at the same time in a meal. In fact, a person with good self-control ability, in one meal, starch and meat can definitely eat at the same time.

This theory appears, I believe it is because many people will unconsciously eat more and more, so naturally it is easy to appear fat.

On the other hand, if you only eat starch in a meal, it is very likely that one person will eat two bowls of rice. If you eat meat, you will feel full, so the amount may be less than that of starch and meat.It loses weight, but it does not slim down due to changes in the digestive system.

In fact, as long as you know how to control the amount of food, you can easily lose weight.

  Cracking 2 eating “potato” is easy to fatten the mistakes. Many foods that are easy to fatten on the market are related to the word “potato”, such as potato chips, French fries, etc., so that people who are willing to lose weight think that it is not suitable during weight loss.Eat the word “potato”. In fact, it is a low-calorie food. It is easy to get fat and is related to cooking methods. Don’t look at it with colored glasses.

The nutrition contained in the word “potato” is actually higher than rice and wheat, similar to the transformation of rice, but the calcium is five times higher than the grain rice, the iron is three times more than the white rice, and the protein, vitamin C is alsoQuite a lot.

  Most people think that the word “potato” contains too much starch, but in fact, the word “potato” is mixed with bread, but it is only two and a half. If the cockroach is mixed with “potato” when eating pork, it is more likely to cause fat.
Therefore, the cooking method is appropriate, do not add too much oil, eat “potato” is the best full stomach food, better cooking methods do not hinder the cooking of “potato”, then sprinkle with pepper, salt, lemon juice, changeIn order to become a low-quality delicious dish.

  The lower the card, the lower the card, the lower the amount of the card, the better the fall. Most of the fruits are low-calorie and low-fat foods. In addition to rich fiber, they also contain nutrients such as carrots and vitamin C. Different fruits will have different fruits.The characteristics and functions, so too many people are rich in nutrients for this, instead of eating a meal instead of fruit.

Among the many fruits, xxx is instantaneously high, and the sugar is high. It is not suitable to eat more during weight loss. Don’t use it instead of dinner.

Due to the low-fat and low-calorie relationship of fruits, the body weight will be reduced. However, fruits are always lacking in the nutrition that meat and grains should have. Long-term consumption is likely to lead to imbalanced nutrition.

  Menus below 800 calories may cause malnutrition and may reduce the basal metabolic rate, making it easier to gain weight later.

During the weight loss period, you should eat less and eat more meals, which will make the blood sugar slow. Because the blood sugar is too low, it will cause cold sweat, soft hands and feet, hungry, tiredness and so on.

  But it is best not to eat for three hours before going to bed, because it will make it easy to accumulate, such as long-term overeating, it will also cause malnutrition, and it is more likely to have osteoporosis prematurely.

  Breaking through 4 when losing weight, eating less meat and eating more vegetables can reduce the delay of recovery. Many people will use vegetable meal or vegetable soup as the main food for weight loss, and think that they will not be fat and can eat enough.

But dietitians have pointed out that this is a very unhealthy diet.

Although the speed of vegetables is low, if you eat a lot, it will not only cause nutritional imbalance, but also lead to an increase in appetite, and once the appetite becomes larger, it will be difficult to return to the original.

When you stop using vegetables as the main meal in the future, it is easy to feel hungry, and then find other food instead, which eventually leads to weight gain, even more fat than before.

Therefore, dietitians think that to lose weight, it is best to control the appetite, reduce the overall weight, not partial eclipse, but replace it with other low-calorie foods.

It is enough to have only half a bowl to a bowl of vegetables per meal.

  Breaking 5 meat will easily lead to fat, eating fish but not delaying meat is one of the five major types of food, rich in protein, in fact the exact same lean meat, peeled chicken and fish, can be some kind.

Therefore, the theory that eating meat is easy to fat and not eating fish is almost impossible.

And all meat contains trace impurities, but the fatty acids of fish are more beneficial to the heart, just like peanut oil, corn oil and sunflower oil.

Therefore, Canadian nutritionists recommend that nationals have at least three meals a week to eat fish, but when steaming fish, remember not to pour too much cooked oil or cook the fish in a fried way, otherwise the unfortunate content will be greatly improved.

  Cracking 6 low fat is equal to low card delay. According to the relevant provisions, low fat is defined as the minimum amount of food per 100 grams of food equals or replaces three grams; and low calories means that each hundred grams of food contains forty calories inside.Therefore, before choosing food, be sure to know the difference between the two. Many low-fat foods can also be weight loss. Low-fat potato chips or low-fat biscuits are a good example. When you go to the supermarket to buy snacks next time.Be sure to look carefully at whether it is low fat or low calorie.

  Breakthrough 7 Weight loss is a sign of successful weight loss. Too many weight loss methods or menus are advertised as one Wednesday minus two to three pounds. In fact, weight changes do not necessarily mean weight loss success.

Weight includes adults, muscles, skeletal muscles, organs and water. Just looking at weight does not reflect the progress of weight loss. You should record the diet, weight, waist circumference, arm circumference, etc. in detail, and defeat the long-term observation of weight loss.

For example, the sauna only loses weight due to water, and a variety of weight loss methods only make the body moisture. As long as you drink water, the weight will return to the original, instead of the real misfortune, the real weight loss should be reduced and the fiber tissue should be preserved as much as possible.Muscle and bones, etc.

  Cracking 8 meals after eating fruit can quickly take away the oil absorption in the meal. In fact, eating fruits before meals is better than eating after meals.

The doctor pointed out that it takes up to one to two hours for the food to enter the stomach before it can slowly enter the small intestine. After eating the fruit after eating, the food will be blocked in the stomach, which may cause digestive dysfunction in the long run.

On the contrary, if you eat fruit before meals, its vitamin C can help digest the iron of the meat in the intestines, and it can reduce the appetite slightly, and eat less when it is cooked.

  Cracking 9 to eat the most easy fat fate This is definitely a public misunderstanding, in fact, after the meal, the remaining glucose will be converted into liver sugar, and liver sugar will accumulate a lot of water, so the weight will rise after meals, rather than the structureMoisture or edema, just a temporary weight gain, we will use glycogen when we sleep, so we will wake up in the morning and lose weight.

If you don’t eat, your body will consume liver sugar, so the pounds will be lighter, but the body shape will not change.

  Cracking 10 weight loss when drinking milk is easy to fat, seeing every child who drinks milk is fat, so most people think that it is not appropriate to drink milk when losing weight.

To lose weight, you can’t drink milk, but choose to drink it.

Normal normal milk is about 160kcal, low fat milk is 128kcal, and skim milk is only 85kcal.

Therefore, when losing weight, you must not expect normal milk, because there is a possibility of easy to get fat, it is best to choose skim milk, three cups a day, a small amount of skim milk to replace, can also add to the lack of absorption in the weight lossPart of the nutrition.