Hands and feet are cold and soaking, but with regard to these health tips for soaking feet, are you soaked?

Hands and feet are cold and soaking, but with regard to these health tips for soaking feet, are you soaked?

I don’t know when people’s demands for quality of life are getting higher and higher.

The clothes should be decent and the food should be delicious.

But in this fast age, more and more people have problems with their health.

Many people are very poor in physique, especially in the winter, everyone is cold hands and feet, so many people will choose to soak their feet to ease the cold condition of their hands and feet.

Today, Xiaobian came to talk to everyone, what is the primary thing about cold hands and feet?

What are the benefits of hot water soaking feet, and the correct way to open the feet.


The cold nature of hands and feet is actually very simple. The reason for the coldness of the hands and feet is very simple. The blood vessels of the human body are contracted, and the blood returning ability is weakened, resulting in poor blood circulation of the hands and feet, especially the fingertips. This is what some people often call “perfect peripheral circulation” orIt is slow in metabolism.

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, the hands and feet are easy to be cold and numb, and most of them are caused by insufficient blood. Because of the deficiency of blood and blood caused by qi deficiency and blood deficiency, the blood volume is insufficient, so it is necessary to qi and blood.


The benefits of hot water soaking feet can improve local blood circulation by using hot water soaking feet, repel the body’s cold feeling, promote metabolism and help sleep.

When you use hot water to soak your feet, we will find that the blood vessels on the feet will expand and the skin of the feet will turn red. This is because the hot water soaks the feet and accelerates the blood circulation of the feet, so more blood to the lower limbs.The peripheral blood vessels flow away, reducing the blood flow of the brain is relatively reduced, which makes people feel sleepy. At the same time, because the nerve endings and brains of the foot are closely connected, the hot foaming foot stimulates the peripheral nerves of the foot.It can inhibit the cerebral cortex, making people feel comfortable and relaxed, so that they can quickly fall asleep and sleep deeper.


The water temperature caused by the wrong method of soaking the feet is not too hot. The long-term use of hot water can cause skin damage. Some people particularly like hot feet, a bucket of hot water, which has been soaked above the lower knee joint. Such peopleWhen you look at your legs, you have two colors. If you have long-term hot water, there will be pigmentation.

Moreover, long-term thermal stimulation can also cause tumors in the skin.

In addition, diabetic patients should be more cautious, leading to low-temperature burns, once it is burnt, it is difficult to heal, and severe amputation.

Those who have studied dermatology know the disease of erythema, and long-term exposure to a thermal environment below the thermal burn devaluation (45 degrees) is the root cause of the disease.

Therefore, you must pay attention to the water temperature when you soak your feet!


Precautions for bathing feet 1) Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetic patients, patients with varicose veins, children, menstruating women, pregnant women, patients with epilepsy, patients with severe surgery, infectious diseases, excessive alcoholics, etc.

2) The water temperature should not be too high, 40-45 degrees is appropriate.

The doctor recommends 39 degrees in the summer and 41 degrees in the winter.

3) The time of the foot bath should not be too long. It is recommended that the sweat should be slightly within 30 minutes.

4) It is not recommended to soak your feet within half an hour to an hour after a meal.

5) It is recommended to choose a wooden barrel for better insulation. It is not advisable to choose a metal basin. The height of the barrel is recommended to be soaked in the foot.

6) After drying, the relevant acupuncture points should be kept warm.

7) It is not recommended to soak your feet when you are too hungry and too full.

Dear friends, are there any tips for health care for people around you?

If so, feel free to leave a message in the comments section below and share your tips.