How do the elderly get the respect of their children?

How do the elderly get the respect of their children?

Too many old people feel that they do not have the respect they deserve in their children’s homes.

This aspect is related to the filial piety of the children.

Looking back at the old man himself, there may be some places that are not done properly.

  The elderly should recognize the existence of the “generation gap.”

This is a normal social phenomenon that must be reflected in family life.

At the same time, it is another issue of understanding. It is by no means a conflict of fundamental interests of two generations and needs to be treated correctly.

  For example, for the marriage of children, the elderly can not be replaced, nor can they be allowed to let them go.

In addition, we must pay attention to it; take the initiative to take care of our children’s mate choices, help our children understand each other’s situation, and exchange opinions with their children sincerely; according to their actual situation, help their children to establish a family, promote the change of customs, and get married.

At the same time, children are also required to bear their own strength and arrange the life of small families.

In particular, it should be pointed out that the elderly must not violate the will of the young people to conduct marriages.

  After the children get married, the old people get along with them when they are young or unmarried. The feelings for the elderly will be affected and some changes will occur.

The old man must have enough mental preparations to consider his children’s autonomy, let them handle some things and cultivate their ability to live independently.

When they encounter difficulties or depression, the elderly must take the initiative to help.

Similarly, the elderly have difficulties. They must also listen patiently to their children’s opinions and look forward to the care and help of their children.

When encountering conflicts between married children on marital issues, the elderly should stand on an objective standpoint, proceed from the desire to maintain marital relations, do a good job of mediation, do not blindly favor their children, and must not intensify contradictions and make children marry.The resulting breakdown is even a tragedy.

  Even if the elderly are treating their children, they must use their correct thoughts and behaviors to educate and influence their children. They should continue to care about their growth from all aspects. In particular, when they discover that their children have wrong behaviors, they should pay attention to persuasion and persuasion in a timely manner.

What is more important to point out is that the elderly should not pass on the feudal superstitions to the exchanges, and do not “poison” the youth with the old Huang Li.

Let superstitions be rooted in their own generation, and they are the blessings of their children.