Signs of aging of the elderly

Signs of aging of the elderly

As we grow older, people’s illnesses will naturally follow.

And some of the ailments are some indications that can be brought from the details of life.

And these signs indicate that it is time to know that our body is nearing aging.

Now tell you six signs that the body has been strengthened: the teeth are dirty, the saliva can wash away the bacteria on the teeth, but after the age of 40, the saliva is reduced, the ability to take away the bacteria is weakened, and the gums are easily spoiled.

In particular, the enamel on the teeth is also thin and dull, and the teeth begin to yellow.

Even the elderly who do not smoke will do the same.

Therefore, it is recommended that the elderly 2?
Wash your teeth for 3 years.

  The body taste is aggravated, first of all, the taste brought by bad breath. Secondly, the sweat gland of the old man shrinks, the body’s ability to remove dirt is weakened, and it also causes body odor. Then there is the old man who often can’t hold the urine. If you don’t change the wash frequently, it will lead toThe body is odorous.

  Going upstairs and asthma, aging first enters the system of arteriosclerosis, myocardial blood supply is not good, heart function is reduced, the body shows no strength.

In addition, normal people do not have too much residual material after breathing, and the elderly will have a lot of residual, so that alveolar function is weakened and asthma is obvious.

  Hearing has dropped. From the age of 50, many “parts” in the human ear have begun to have problems, and the ability to distinguish the tones, especially the discrimination of high-frequency sounds, has become more and more difficult.

This is caused by the inner ear lost routine.

  Female breast ptosis, female ovarian function directly affects the state of the breast, female menopause, sweat gland reduction, breast cancer reduction, breast gland atrophy, coupled with the gravity of the earth, women’s breasts will sag.

  In menopause, male menopause is a turning point in the male constitution from the peak into the recession. At this time, the level of androgen is declining and people become acquainted.

More often around 50 years old.