Can only sit fat in winter?Send you a super practical slimming strategy!

Can only “sit fat” in winter?Send you a super practical slimming strategy!
Winter is here. Which of the following is the reason for your body’s “hoarding meat”?  1.It’s too cold in winter, and the best place to go is to eat hot pot, and then you can’t do without hot pot, and finally get fat unexpectedly . 2.It’s so cold in winter, it’s windy and rainy outside, how can you go out to exercise!If you exercise indoors, wearing so many clothes, it is too uncomfortable to move . 3.It’s so cold in winter, I have to stay a little cold, I don’t lose weight because I’m afraid of cold . 4.There are New Year’s Eve in winter, the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival . so many festivals, I always have to eat for so many years, and the chicken, duck, goose, fish, sheep and cattle that are slaughtered are always eaten.  5. Anyway, it ‘s not until summer that you wear shorts and short sleeves, and you have to show your figure. It ‘s only a good idea to reduce it in summer, and no one knows if you lose a good figure in winter . Do n’t look for reasons!Long meat is not good-looking is second, the most important thing is that excessive excessive excessive resistance weakens people and is susceptible to disease.Today I will give you a super practical slimming guide, so that your body is not “greasy” in winter!  First, drink plenty of hot water!  ”Drink plenty of hot water!”This sentence is regarded as” Straight Men’s Quotes “and it really works!TCM has a saying: “Medicine is not as good as food, but food is not as good as water.”Drinking water is an essential helper for weight loss.Drinking water can completely eliminate the space of the stomach, increase the feeling of fullness, and also eliminate the fatigue caused by thirst, helping us reduce appetite during weight loss.Water can help to lightly burn. The body needs 10L of water to metabolize a trace of 1kg. Insufficient water will reduce the rate of metabolism.  So, how to drink water during weight loss?The best is plain water, simple and practical.There is no strict requirement for the time of drinking water. The focus is on replenishing water in a pile. It is generally recommended that 200ML is recommended to avoid increasing the burden on the injection tract and causing digestive tract diseases.For diet control, reducing two glasses of water before a meal is a good way to reduce appetite.  Second, eat!  It’s so cold in winter, so you can eat cold to keep warm.If you want to lose weight, try these kinds of intestinal slimming foods, “wash and bathe” the intestines!  1.Eat spinach.Spinach leaves contain an insulin-like substance that can keep blood sugar stable and transform. Spinach also contains a large number of antioxidants, which have anti-aging, promote cell reproduction, and prevent brain aging.  2.Eat fungus.Fungus has the effect of nourishing qi and activating blood, cooling blood and nourishing.The vegetal gum in black fungus has a transferred adsorption force and terminates the impurities remaining inside the digestive system, thereby washing the stomach and intestines.  3.Eat kelp.Kelp can remove the plasma that adheres to the blood vessel wall, keeping it at a normal level.The alginate in kelp has a high permeability and can form a gel-like substance in the intestine, which can be transformed into garbage in the body to prevent the occurrence of constipation.  4.Eating apple.Soluble cellulose in apples can effectively increase the amount of stool and the ability to discharge stool residues.In addition, apple peel is rich in antioxidant active substances, which can reduce the rate of continuous aging.  Third, step away!  Saying ten thousand and ten thousand, if you want to greatly increase your body’s metabolic rate, you must “stretch your legs”!Losing weight through exercise can both prevent rebound and make your body healthier.So what good exercise to lose weight in winter?  1.Playing badminton indoors.Although the intensity of playing badminton is not high, during the activity, the amount of sweat is still large.Therefore, 重庆耍耍网 friends who want to lose weight in winter can choose to play badminton indoors!First of all, if you insist on playing badminton for more than half an hour, you can get a good fat burning effect.  2.rope skipping.Rope skipping can strengthen human muscles and endurance, improve cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system functions, and prevent chronic diseases.It’s cold outdoors, skipping rope at home can also achieve good weight loss effects, and can be performed anytime, anywhere.Continued skipping for ten minutes is equivalent to jogging for thirty minutes or aerobics for twenty minutes.Therefore, friends who usually need exercise to lose weight may wish to skip more.  This article was scientifically checked by Shen Yingjian, deputy chief physician of the Nutrition Department of Hebei Yanda Hospital.