Good habits are cultivated

Good habits are cultivated

Good habits have a lot of content, including good eating habits, good sleep habits, good hygiene and so on.

It is very important to cultivate children’s life from a young age, to be neat and tidy, and to have good habits, which are very important for the growth of children.

These good habits can be cultivated from everyday trivial matters, such as letting children learn to organize their clothes, shoes, socks and toys.

  Usually, no matter whether the child comes back from the outside, the clothes, the shoes, or the clothes that the child took off before going to bed should be placed in a fixed place, and should not be thrown around.

You can specifically prepare a place for your child to put on clothes, such as a drawer in a cabinet, or a fixed bedside table or chair, and teach the child how to fold clothes and hang clothes.

When you go to sleep at night, the clothes, shoes, and socks that have been taken off should also be placed neatly in a fixed place.

But you can’t teach your child to put the undressed clothes on the quilt, which is neither hygienic nor safe.

  Because whether it is an adult or a child, the clothes worn during the day go to various occasions to carry out various activities, especially the children also like to sit or lie on the ground, the clothes are covered with all kinds of dust and other dirt, take offThe clothes are covered on the quilt, and the dirt will be brought to the quilt. The quilt is easy to be dirty, and the dirty quilt is covered on the child, which is easy to cause disease.

If the child puts pebbles, small wooden sticks and small glass pieces in the pocket of the clothes, these small things can easily fall to the bed after the clothes are covered on the quilt at night, causing other accidents.

  In addition to finishing your own clothes, you should also pay attention to let the children clean up after playing the toys.

Every time you play a toy, you should receive the toy in a fixed place. Parents can prepare a bucket or basin for the child to place the child’s various toys.

Usually, the various items in the house can not be randomly placed. Every time the adults use various items, they should return to their original positions. This is a silent education for children.

If parents put their clothes in a mess, the environment is messy and untidy, and the children are required to do things in a well-organized manner, and they are neat and tidy. Generally, children are not easy to do, and it is difficult to develop habits. Parents should also insist on the requirements of children.Every day, every day, it will be effective.