High content and high protein fattening recipe

High content and high protein fattening recipe

This fattening recipe is mainly based on high-transition and high-protein nutrition. If you are healthy, you can try it.

  I found that many thin friends are not very good at teeth, it may be a bit of calcium deficiency!

First of all, let your mouth clean in the morning, get a cup of water after getting up, wash away the mucous membranes in the mouth, not letting spit.

It is best to exercise properly in the morning. After all, it is very important for young people to exercise. If you are lazy, then you should eat more.

  Drink a cup of soy milk for breakfast, don’t buy the street to sell breakfast, it is best to do it yourself, more than one egg, boiled eggs, not tea eggs.

The staple food is optional.

Speaking of this, there may be people who ask very ordinary questions. I often have these effects in the morning.

Yes, this is the most common early but also the most practical.

Bean products contain high protein, eggs contain high conversion, meat package also contains conversion, if it is not useful is your own digestion problems, may wish to eat some spleen.

These pharmacies are sold, not expensive and have no side effects.

Note that you don’t understand Jianweixiaoshi tablets, it is only for indigestion, and it has little effect on gastrointestinal treatment.

In addition, I recommend drinking soy milk instead of milk in the morning, adding meals for about two hours after a meal, non-snacks!

Don’t always eat something that doesn’t have feces!

Add a meal, an egg and eggs.

  The most lacking of thin people is still an instant, and it is inevitable that your absorption function is normal, otherwise it is no good to eat more.

  Lunch is mainly based on fish stewed tofu, chicken or bone soup. It is best to eat fish stewed tofu soup, which is rich in nutrients and more importantly contains high protein.

Put some yam, red dates, and pray for the stew.

Most people who are thin have anorexia symptoms of malnutrition since childhood, so in addition to high protein and high metabolism, lunch should pay more attention to nutrition.

Eat 80% of the fracture at noon, eating too much anti-page will increase the burden on the stomach!

  Eat another egg after three in the afternoon.

Speaking of this, I suddenly remembered that someone asked me how often he went to the gym to exercise or play basketball.

Here I want to propose: people must have enough aunts to get fat!

It is an instant to be able to provide adults, and everyone knows this.

The thin person wants to gain weight and must increase the amount of activity, but after the activity, it will lose some offset, so it must be added after each exercise.

There may be some meanings that I still didn’t express.
I have limited ability.

  I want the expert is that if you want to eat fat, the body must store a certain transformation. This is iron!

But do not drink too much food, often drink honey water.

  For dinner, it is best to use whole grains, and drink more porridge to eat more sweet potatoes.

It is best to sleep three hours after a meal.

Remember that good sleep is more important than anything else. It is better to eat better than to sleep!

You may wish to drink some whole milk powder before going to bed, and a bag of more than 20 yuan is enough to drink for half a month.

  Finally, remind everyone to remember not to eat those fattening drugs on the market, most of them are only the ingredients to spleen and stomach, the cost is not even ten, and even dare to sell hundreds, there are too many alternatives!