Older people wear hats in winter


Older people wear hats in winter

From the winter to the winter, the cold is pressing.

For the elderly with weak constitution and chronic complications, if you prepare some winter hats, the benefits are many.

Wearing a hat in the winter can even keep warm, but also avoid diseases such as cold, cough, headache, facial paralysis (ie, eye and eye).

  First, the blood vessels that are good for health care are not as smooth as young people, and even somewhat hardened. If you are cold, it will inevitably cause cerebral vasoconstriction, mild dizziness, headache, and accidents.

Therefore, the elderly can not look down on the health function of the hat.

In addition, like a wool cap, a hood, etc., can also cover and protect the ears.

  Second, the protective function is a cap on the head. In case of a slight touch, the hat can be “buffered”.

Not long ago, when I passed a business building on Nandan East Road, I was once “flying” upstairs by a blank disposable lighter to “hit” the middle head. Fortunately, there was a hat to block, and nothing was done.

Older people are relatively slow to respond and their physical condition is younger and weaker, so proper protection is necessary.

  Third, it is conducive to warmth In order to prevent cold, people wear thick winter clothes and warm shoes, but many people do not have the habit of wearing a hat.

As everyone knows, the head of the human body is also in need of warmth.

What’s more, most older people have less hair (easy to dissipate heat) and need a hat to keep warm.

The material of the winter hat can be woolen, woolen, or a down coat with a thicker coat. The thickness is thicker and the warmth is good.

  Fourth, the beautiful function If you buy a beautiful, stylish hat, you can “wrapped” the white hair; if the style and color of the hat match the clothing, you can show the harmonious appearance of the wear.

There is a dialect that says “the girl is hoeing her head and kneeling on her head.”

And the gray head of the elderly can make the hat beautify!

  If you wear a hat for a long time in the winter, you should choose a breathable hat. The loose temperature will drop, and the hat and gloves will be on the scene.

But this is a way to keep your body warm and you have to use it correctly.

Experts advise: winter hats can not be worn for a long time, otherwise it will easily lead to hair loss.

  It is necessary to keep warm with a hat, especially for the elderly. Some of them are rare, and they are weak, and they are afraid of cold and cold. Therefore, it is best to wear a hat to keep warm when going out, and avoid cold, cough, and prevent.Headache, facial nerve paralysis and other diseases.

  Experts pointed out that wearing a hat in tandem will cause the scalp pores to breathe poorly, and sebum will accumulate on the scalp, which may easily form dandruff, itchy or skin damage, and cause hair loss.

The scalp is not resistant to sultry heat, and the hat or helmet that is fastened to the head is easy to fall and the scalp is too short to breathe, especially when the hair is pressed by the bonnet, and the hair root is more likely to lose hair due to loose skin.

  Therefore, when wearing a cold hat, you must first choose a little bigger than the head. Wearing it will not press the hair, so that the scalp has room for ventilation.

Usually pay attention to the material, people who love oil on the scalp, wear a breathable, thin hat, people with weak constitution and cold, wear a woolen or woolen hat.

Once again, it is time to wear it when going out in the morning and evening. It should be taken out when entering the room. When the sun is good at noon, let the hair come out and breathe.

  People who have a self-confidence should pay more attention to it. They should not repeatedly wear a hat to cover the contradiction of less hair. They should comb their hair on time every day, moderately massage the scalp, maintain a good mentality, and pay attention to nutritional balance to make the hair grow stronger.