Teach you true and false Ejiao identification coup

Teach you true and false Ejiao identification coup

The heavy metals and other harmful substances in the inferior gelatin are several times higher than the national pharmacopoeia standard. If this product does not have the effect of gelatin and nourishment, and it will greatly damage the human body, how can we scientifically distinguish true and false gelatin?

  The first measure: look at the packaging of genuine Ejiao packaging after professional design, pattern, logo lines clear, beautifully printed, the name “Ejiao” has obvious concavity.

Fake gelatin is generally printed with rough outer packaging, often with typo, missing words, and incorrect registration marks. If you put the fake and fake gelatin together, you can see at a glance.

  The second measure: recognition of the brand Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “Ejiao, this classic, Hongjing 曰: ‘out of the East, hence the name Ejiao’”.

It can be seen that Ejiao is the most authentic in Dong’e County, Shandong Province.

  At present, the Ejiao brand sold in the market is complicated. When purchasing Ejiao, you must choose a big brand, a large enterprise, a product produced by a state-controlled listed company. Ejiao is the same as other medicines. For special products, the packaging must be marked with a registered trademark such as “Dong’e Ejiao, production company, factory site, approval number, functional indications, etc., currently the market is “popular Ejiao” is the most popular, the best quality.

  The third measure: check the authenticity of the authentic Ejiao packaging using a one-time tear-open package, tearing along the vertical vertical jagged line, visible every 16-digit security digital, according to the instructions by phone, write a text message or online query some way, knowKnow the authenticity; some boxes have a round anti-counterfeit label on the box, scratch the silver-gray coating in the middle of the label, you can call the label to call or text message.

Fake gelatin packaging is generally not a one-time tear-open package, although there are anti-counterfeiting signs, but almost all security phones can not get through or prompt input errors.

  The fourth measure: look at the product authentic Ejiao ruled copy, size, thickness and consistency, the surface is flat and bright, uniform color, printed on the front of the product name, the font is clear, dark red; there are two rules on the back of the rubber block, qualityHard and brittle, handcuffs, a little force to break; if the rubber block is forcefully shot on a hard object, it will split into several pieces, the section is bright, no oil holes, pores; false gelatin is generally black or yellow, and the rubber block is moreIrregular, large and small, the surface is rough and dull. The front product name is printed with paint, pigment, etc. The color of the product is mostly bright red, the writing is mostly fuzzy, skewed, and there are many cracks on the word;There are irregular rules, most of them are hard and not brittle, some are bendable, not easy to break, not easy to break, the section is grayish black, not bright, oil holes, pores, etc.

  The fifth measure: the original smell of the original rubber block is opened, and the surface of the rubber block is lightly breathable. The nose smells a light fragrance of Ejiao. After the gelatin block is crushed, the nose smells the unique fragrance of Ejiao.

Fake gelatin has no scent, and even stinks or odors.