Self-massage gives men a good hair

Self-massage gives men a good hair

The massage method uses the point method, according to the method, the method of smashing, the method of slamming is similar, the movement is gentle, flexible, smooth, not floating, not dry, light and flexible, lightly falling to the weight, repeated, repeatedForce, to replenish energy and qi and blood, diarrhea can promote blood circulation.

  1, Baihui acupoint: Baimai Jiaohui points, can pass through a hundred veins, reconcile qi and blood, expand local blood vessels, thereby improving local blood circulation.

According to the method, the thumb and the abdomen act on the Baihui acupoint, the intensity is moderate, and the patient does not feel dizzy. When using force, it is not finger force, otherwise exhale, sink shoulder, shoulder force on the arm.

  2, Fengfu point: using the point method, with the thumb finger end rotated clockwise 5 times, the intensity is moderate, when the point and the squat should be applied upwards, in order to be effective, point method, focus point reduction, irritabilityStrong, and the matching method can be soft and long.

The patient feels sore and does not feel pain.

  3, Fengchi points: massage techniques with the Fengfu points, this method is evacuated in the wind evil, acupuncture points.

Loosen local muscle spasms.

  4, the temple: more sensitive, using the point method, the intensity is gentle, with the middle finger pointing to the end of the temple, from light to heavy and light, rotating and shaking 5 times, the action continues, deep penetration.

This method can dispel the cold and relieve the tension of the head to relieve the blood circulation disorder in the head.

  5, Si Shencong: using the point method according to the law.

Click on your thumb and thumb, first click on the left, right on the Satoshi, and then on the front and back.

Hurricane evil and vitality, blood and brain.

  After the end of the head massage, we also used some relaxation techniques, such as sniper method: slamming the head and slamming along.

The force is fast and short, the softness in the middle, the speed is even and the rhythm, this method can dredge the meridians, reconcile the blood, make the scalp temperature rise, the scalp is reddish, and the blood circulation is improved.

This method is more effective for alopecia areata.

  In addition, experts and doctors also combined the techniques of ear acupuncture to assist in hair growth.

“Lingshukou asked”: “The ear, the ancestral veins are also gathered.

“The corrective massage should be described”: “The ear bead is a kidney, the ear wheel is a spleen, the ear is a heart, the ear skin is a lung, and the back of the ear is a liver.

“The operation of the auricular point is based on the dialectical meridian dialectical modern medical theory. The main points are: “kidney point (the back part under the lower part of the ear wheel), lung point (the ear area 14 area), endocrine point (the front part of the ear cavity)), the adrenal gland (the lower tip of the free edge of the tragus).

The technique uses sputum, sputum, pinch, and point method. The thumb and index finger are used to knead the auricle to redness. Based on the thumb, the index finger points above the four points. The force is light and the pain is appropriate. The order is from bottom to top.

With the index finger, the middle finger is clamped at the base of the ear, and it is moved up and down 5 times, and the force is light until the skin is red.

By clearing the ear meridians to clear the head meridians, promote blood circulation in the head to help hair growth.

“Theories of the Sources of Diseases” record: “When the number is easy to comb, the comb is taken more, it must not cause pain, but also the waiter combs, takes more, the blood is not stagnant, and the roots are often strong.”

“After massage, you can comb the hair continuously for 20-50 times to promote blood circulation and stop hair growth.