Is vegetarian food good for health and longevity?


Is vegetarian food good for health and longevity?

When it comes to vegetarianism, people naturally think of two aspects: one is Buddhism, and the other is health.

  Vegetarian mainly refers to not eating animal food, but eating vegetables, fruits and fruits.

For the children of Buddhism, vegetarianism is called eating “fast”, which is a practice.

If you are vegetarian, others will ask: “Do you believe in Buddha?

The ancients believed that vegetarianism is good for health.

In the Ming Dynasty, the child scientist Wan Quan said in his book “Four Health Essentials” that vegetarianism can make people’s body and spirit in the best condition.

With the development of modern nutrition, experts have found that many cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, liver diseases, diabetes, etc. are caused by overeating.

Therefore, some people think that vegetarian food helps people live longer.

  Does vegetarianism have anything to do with longevity?

This is not a simple question, we have to start with nutrition.

  The five major types of nutrients that maintain human growth, growth, and activity are called nutrients, and are mainly: (1) carbohydrates, including sugars and starches, which mainly provide the calories required for human activities; (2) small amounts, in addition to providing human bodyIn addition to the traces required for activities, it is still an essential substance for the human body; (3) Protein, also known as protein, is the main substance that constitutes the human body and can also provide transfer; (4) Vitamins, including vitamins A, B, C, D,E, B12 and other various, mainly involved in the physiological functions of the human body; (5) minerals, including potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, etc., are also involved in the physiological functions of the human body.

  The food is mainly summarized as three categories: meat, food and vegetables.

In fact, the above five types of nutrients exist in various foods, but there are differences in various nutrients of various foods.

  Grain contains the highest carbohydrate, about 70%, containing nearly 10% protein; meat contains the most protein, of which lean meat contains 40%.

Aunt’s soy beans and peanuts in the plant also come from fat.

Vitamin A and vitamin C are the most abundant in fresh vegetables and fruits, calcium is the most in milk, and B vitamins are accumulated in coarse grains, but vitamin B12 is mainly found in the meat and internal organs of animals.

  The human body needs to balance the intake of rice, batter food, and the substitution of meat, oil, vegetables, etc., which form the basic form of reasonable nutritious food for people.

  When the protein supply is abundant, the body is strong and well developed, and the lack of it is weak and sick.

Vitamins and fats are the main raw materials for human body heating. Replenishment is sufficient. Otherwise, weight and labor cannot be maintained. If too much, it is easy to form obesity.

Vegetables, fruits eat too little, rich in vitamins, lack of minerals, poor health, easy to get sick.

So you need to balance your budget.

Some people think that something is nutritious, eats a lot, eats every day; others don’t like something (such as eggs, meat) and never eat.

In this way, nutrition is unbalanced and harmful to health.

  A better habit is to change and eat different foods, eat everything, and not picky eaters.

People have a habit of “continuous eating, don’t want to eat; things that haven’t been eaten for a long time, want to eat.

“This helps to maintain a nutritional balance.

  Vegetarian Personal Nutrition Insufficient Therapy Vegetarian refers to eating a diet that does not contain animal food.

In addition to animal protein, other nutrients in vegetarian diets are basically complete.

Therefore, vegetarian food can maintain the most basic life, growth, development, reproduction and activities of the human body.

  However, protein is an important substance that constitutes the human body and cannot be lacking.

If you use plant protein instead, some kind of food, is it ok?

In particular, it is more difficult.

Because the protein content of plants is the highest, and the quality (that is, the type and amount of essential amino acids contained in the human body) is not as good as animal protein, plant proteins are not easy to reach the ideal standard in both quantity and quality.

The use of animal meat as a food has become a major source of protein for human consumption.

This is a human consensus and there is no doubt.

  Plant protein, including vegetables, fruits, food, etc., is also an important nutrient for human beings. It is a source of protein for vegetarians and can sustain life, but its effect is not as good as eating with meat.

  Vegetarian does not necessarily help longevity. Why do people eat meat and get sick?This is because they are not used properly when eating animal meat.

Animal meat and its internal organs, fish, shrimp, etc., contain a lot of cholesterol.

Cholesterol is an essential nutrient for the body, but it can cause arteriosclerosis if used too much.

Arteriosclerosis is the cause of cerebral infarction, heart infarction and cerebral embolism, and is the leading cause of death in old age.

Blaming animal food is the root of the disease. In fact, eating too much animal food is not the fault of animal food itself.

  In fact, longevity is a complex problem, including the human body’s own genetic factors and environmental factors.

The environment, air, soil, culture, education, science, economics, politics, interpersonal relationships, etc., many factors are closely related to longevity.

Nutrition is only part of it.

  According to current research by scientists, it has not been proven that vegetarian diet contributes to longevity, but it has been confirmed that a balanced diet including animal protein helps the health and longevity of human beings.

  Someone once claimed that “vegetarian longevity.”

However, in the near future, domestic and foreign experts have previously denied the longevity of vegetarian diet, and proposed the principle of eating mixed food and animal foods, which can make nutrition comprehensive and thus achieve the purpose of health care and longevity.

  Protein is the main component of all cellular tissues in the human body and the material basis of life activities.

The protein intake is from food. The animal protein contains the amino acids necessary for the human body. It is a high-quality protein, which is far from the vegetable protein food.

If long-term vegans, lack of protein intake, body body supplements, protein, trace proportion imbalance, resulting in anemia, weight loss, indigestion, memory loss, decreased sexual function and immunity, endocrine and metabolic disorders, causingThe elderly suffer from premature aging and are prone to cancer.

If excessive intake of plant protein (rice, beans) will increase the damage of kidney function, causing increased blood ammonia, then you should eat appropriate high-quality animal protein, such as fish, milk, eggs, lean meat, etc., the body needs.

  Mixed animal and vegetable oils are also beneficial in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Vegetable oils contain unsaturated fatty acids and are beneficial for preventing arteriosclerosis.

However, the peroxide produced by vegetable oil combines with human proteins to form lipofuscin, which is deposited in organs and causes aging.

Animal oil (except fish oil) contains saturated fatty acids, which may lead to arteriosclerosis; however, it also contains cardiovascular polyene, lipoprotein, etc., which can improve the nutrition and structure of intracranial arteries, antihypertensive and prevent stroke.The role.

Therefore, 1 part of animal oil and 2 parts of vegetable oil can be used as a mixed oil to eat, which can be used for long-term supplements and benefits for cardiovascular diseases.

  If long-term vegetarian diet will cause decreased gastric acid and digestive enzymes, the taste will be reduced, resulting in loss of appetite; animal protein taste is delicious, can stimulate appetite, especially for the elderly to improve appetite.

Of course, eat more vegetables, melons, potatoes, algae and mushrooms, have the advantages of low heat energy, can promote immunity, anti-arteriosclerosis, and maintain toxicity in acid-base balance and delay aging.

  In order to fully absorb nutrients and maintain normal physiological and biochemical functions of the human body, it is necessary to rely on various elements, trace elements and various types of vitamins. These nutrients belong to animals and plants, and only animal and plant foods are eaten together.The nutrients are comprehensive in order to achieve the goal of health extension.

Therefore, it should be based on vegetarianism and supplement animal food. This is the longevity of science.