A direct method of sleeping naked to make your body healthier

A direct method of sleeping naked to make your body healthier

Beginning in the 1970s, some families in the United States began to sleep naked; in Japan in the early 1980s, a nationwide “light hip” was formed.

Some people think that it is a habit to sleep in clothes; it is enjoyment to take off clothes and sleep.

Others believe that naked sleep is too uncivilized.

So is it preferable to sleep naked?

  Statement 1: Naked sleep can cure insomnia?

  The netizen really had a bad sleep and sleep. A Japanese friend told her that the people there were naked and rarely heard of insomnia. It is recommended that Jane try to sleep naked.

As a result, Zhenzhen’s insomnia has really disappeared, so she also likes the unique feeling of hearty sleep.

  Expert comment: According to reports, the world is 42.

5% of people have different levels of insomnia, but more than 80% of insomniacs have not been treated. Most people do not take insomnia, and young white-collar workers account for a large proportion.

And naked sleep will also have a certain comforting effect on people who have insomnia.

Without the restraint of clothes, the body naturally relaxes and the blood flows smoothly, which can improve the cold condition of some people’s hands and feet and help to enter deep sleep.

  In today’s society, insomnia mainly stems from psychological factors, some mental stress or worry, so it is not difficult to understand why naked sleep can improve insomnia, especially those who have not experienced naked sleep before, the effect may be more obvious.

And those who have not previously formed good hygiene habits will also happen.

It should be noted that naked sleep is not suitable or effective for anyone. For those who suffer from insomnia caused by nerves, naked sleep has no value, and causes the insomnia in time. Symptomatic treatment can cause this damage.

  Naked sleep is a personal sleep habit. It is highly respected abroad. Naked sleep can relax the body and skin, make the perineum dry, improve sleep and reduce infections such as fungi in the perineum, thus reducing the incidence of gynecological diseases and femoral hernia.

However, whether it is suitable under Chinese cultural background and living conditions should be determined according to their living conditions and habits.

Some of the ills it brings should also be taken seriously.

The abstract varies from person to person.

  Statement 2: Naked sleep can cure nervous diseases?

  Japanese doctors have statistics: naked sleep is very effective in treating tension diseases, especially the tension in the abdominal visceral nervous system is easy to eliminate, can promote blood circulation, improve chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea and headache, low back pain, etc.

  Expert comment: When you sleep naked, your body has a lot of freedom. The muscles can relax effectively. It is very effective in treating tension diseases. Especially the tension in the abdominal visceral nervous system is easy to be eliminated, which can promote blood circulation and make chronic constipation.Chronic diarrhea, low back pain, headache and other diseases have been improved, making the internal organs and surface blood circulation very smooth.

  Statement 3: Naked sleep makes couples more intimate?

  For couples, excessive exposure may reduce the mystery of each other, but will excessive wear also reduce each other’s sexual attraction?

  Expert comment: Some sex experts believe that naked sleep makes couples’ sex life more “unobtrusive, unobstructed”, lacking freshness and mystery, and it is easy to incur long-term “sexy confusion” and reduce the quality of couples’ sexual life.

  Some men who are naked in the early stage of sleep, because the quilt is directly irritating to the sexual organs, transforming male reactive libido, alternating sexual life, is not conducive to the health of couples; marriage experts believe that if the couple’s views on naked sleep alternate, it is easyLeading to contradictions between husband and wife is also not conducive to protecting the minority in the husband and wife life.

Therefore, whether a married person is sleeping naked or not should weigh the pros and cons and cannot be generalized.

  Being naked and paying attention to the details of naked sleep is not to say that simply taking off your underwear and going to bed can be done. At the same time, you must pay attention to: First of all, pay attention to the various environments of sleep.

Collective life, or try not to sleep naked when going out.

Don’t sleep naked when you are in bed with your child.

It is not appropriate to use a residence that is too small for family or collective living, as tension can lead to the opposite effect.

It is best to have a relatively secret, independent environment.

Be sure to keep warm and adjust the temperature and humidity of the bedroom to avoid cold and sweat.

The living environment should be air ventilated, the temperature is suitable, quiet and comfortable, so you can relax your mind and build a good sleep time.

  First of all, we must pay attention to some health issues.

For the sake of health, the vulva and anus should be cleaned before going to bed, bathing, washing sheets and sheets.

What is needed is that there is a correct understanding of the role of naked sleep. It is just one of the ways we use healthy sleep, and it should not always be used.

In addition, the skin is directly exposed to the environment during sleep, dust and insects can cause skin allergies and arthritis, and people with adequate physical care should be especially careful.