Zheng Shaoqiu’s cheek wife wants to drink milk powder to gain weight

Zheng Shaoqiu’s cheek wife wants to drink milk powder to gain weight

64-year-old Zheng Shaoqiu (Autumn official) still maintains a good body, because he pays attention to diet and exercise on a regular basis. He re-exposed that the recent headache is too thin to drink nutrients and fattening milk powder, so that he should be on the mirror to be a clam, after dinner, Qiu Guanxue Hu Feng walks 1Hours, very persevering.

  Hong Kong’s “Sing Tao Daily” reported that Qiu Guan, A Jie, Kitaro, Guan Enna and Lin Xinyi recorded the “Ming Qiu Xi Meet” program the night before. Qiu Guan said that he cooperated with Kitaro for the first time. Everyone has a good smile and feels comfortable.Of course, I hope to have the opportunity to cooperate with this master musician.

Later, Qiu Guan and Ajie went to Yunding to stage. After returning to Hong Kong, they began to rehearse for the concert. He said that every concert must have dancing, and dancing is the best exercise.

  Speaking of his Keep fitness, Qiu Guan said: “I am keeping sports and eating fatty food. After eating, I have to go to Hu Feng for a walk. I have been walking for 1 hour, but recently I have eaten and added milk, because I am doing things.Too hearty, the block surface is easy to be concave and not good to look at, the mirror should be scorpion, eat a slender and not sink.

“A sister said that she has always appreciated Kitaro. She has never thought of the opportunity to cooperate. She always has different types. She describes the other as an art type, and she is more commercialized with Qiuguan. This time, Kitaro will re-edit many classic songs.The effect is another feeling.