What kind of soup is suitable for spring to recommend three Qingfei soup products

What kind of soup is suitable for spring to recommend three Qingfei soup products

Carrot ribs soup practice: 1.

Wash the carrots, ribs and dried tangerine peels separately, ribs and ribs, ginger and diced, and garlic.


The ribs are hot water, and the blood foam is removed.


Add water to the pot, use a fierce fire to roll into the water, then add all the above materials and drop a few drops of rice wine.


Switch to medium heat and continue for 2 hours.

Therapeutic effect Carotene stimulates the body’s metabolism, promotes blood circulation, maintains the dissolution of the respiratory mucosa, and protects the trachea, bronchi and lungs.

Beta-carotene has strong antioxidant capacity and indirect anti-cancer effect.

Containing a large amount of vitamin A is an important nutrient for repairing the liver. Drinking for a long time, staying up late, and taking medicine especially need to be supplemented.

The ribs are suitable for fat and thin, do not absorb too much cholesterol, and also have the effect of nourishing yin and yang, benefiting essence and blood, containing a large amount of calcium phosphate, collagen, bone mucin, etc., for strengthening the body and adding good calcium materials.

Chenpi has the effect of neutralizing the stomach, eliminating the qi and qi, and eating it with the big meat. People who are afraid of eating greasy and indigestion can also absorb it.

茯苓 grapefruit drink practice: 1.

The citron peel and meat are cut into small diced, 茯苓6g, and cleaned up.

Add cold water to the pot, add the grapefruit and scallions, and simmer on a low heat until the juice is 3.

Filter out the waste residue, pour it into the cup, add rock sugar and mix thoroughly (diabetes are not added), feel free to do so.

Therapeutic effect: Modern pharmacological analysis, grapefruit skin contains flavonoids, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects.

Grapefruit meat contains a lot of vitamin C and insulin-like substances that improve immunity and reduce vitamins. It can help lower blood sugar, lower blood fat, lose weight and skin.

It also contains trace element potassium, which must be supplemented by hypertensive patients. Because it contains almost no sodium, it is also the best fruit for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and kidney disease (except for renal insufficiency with high potassium).

Among them, the folic acid ingredient has the effect of preventing anemia and promoting the development of obesity after consumption by pregnant women.

It has the effect of diminishing water, dampness, spleen and lungs, and calming the nerves.

Among them, lycium polysaccharide has obvious anti-tumor effect, increasing immune cell activity and liver-protecting effect.

Qingfei Tea: Luo Han Guo Tea 1.

Measurement method: 15 grams of Luo Han Guo cut into pieces, choose to add to the cup, brew with boiling water, cover for 15 minutes.

2 doses on the 1st, can be brewed 3 times each time?
5 times.

Main effects: clearing the lungs and clearing the throat, clearing the lungs and relieving cough. Long-term use can lower blood sugar and blood pressure.


One mangosteen: Chop the mangosteen, brew it with boiling water for 10 minutes, and drink it at any time.

1 per day?
2 times, 1 each time.

The function is to clear the lungs and relieve phlegm and thirst.

Indications for chronic pharyngitis, lack of lung yin, dry throat and discomfort, sore throat or coughing dry mouth.


Mangosteen tea: 2 mangosteens, chopped or chopped into thin slices and boiled for 1 minute.

Function of laxative, Qingfei Liyan 4.

Luohan fig attack: Luo Han Guo, no tea fruit 20 grams each, sliced boiled water for 15 minutes after the tea combination, this tea has the effect of clearing the lungs and relieving cough, moistening dry stool.